Cubase VST Transit : cloud-based collaboration

Steinberg has published details about the new VST Transit feature of Cubase Pro 8.5. Transit is a cloud-based project sharing system. It includes the simplified transfer of all the media files and synchronisation of the projects state between members invited to the project.  Charged based on data transfer and online storage usage: free basic accounts for […]

IBC 2015: archiving on Sony’s Gen2 3.3TB ODA

Things seen at IBC 2015 #1: Here’s a sneak peek at Sony’s GEN2 ODA drive prototype. This optical archive format uses a cartridge containing a stack of 12 Blu-ray discs. The volume is UDF-compatible and I was told the discs  inside the cartridge could be read individually as data Blu-ray discs if the standard disappears: […]