Formlabs releases the faster Form1+ 3D printer

form_1_plus_productFormlabs‘ Mac Classic-like Form1 3D printer has been significantly upgraded today. The Form1+ still using its pro quality laser-based stereolitography technique, delivering much better details than ABS fused deposition models:

  • 4x stronger laser, allowing 50% faster prints.
    In other words: hours faster on each print!
  • redesigned control system producing finer details and a better finish
  • enhanced component including a reinforced peel motor
  • light-blocking resin tank allowing easy external storage




The price hasn’t changed: 2799 EUR. Owners of the Form1 can upgrade their printer for a 599 EUR fee.form_1_plus_models_open

Furthermore, a new black resin is now available to complement the clear, white and grey version, all at 125 EUR/liter.

Finally, the web store now directly serves EU customers from Europe for much shorter shipping times and costs.

It looks like the Mac Plus of the 3D printing world finally arrived!


Aldebaran’s Pepper: the first affordable humanoid



Aldebaran is well known for the 57cm Nao humanoid and its 1m40 Romeo sibling.

Nao is cute but personal robotics is still in its prehistory.

It comes with an easy to use graphical programmation environment, Choregraphe, that makes it attractive for the education sector and the first programmers tempted to try writing apps for an humanoid platform.

But the cheapest version of Nao still stands above 5000 EUR. That won’t make it a consumer hit anytime soon.
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