Makerbot shows the Replicator 2x 3D printer at CES

The new printer is optimized for ABS, a better but more challenging solution for 3D printing.
It also features 2 side-by-side extruders for multicolor prints, enclosed sides for a more stable cooling period and a higher quality build plate.

Available mid-March for $2799 on Makerbot’s online store

source: Makerbot press release 

Lego EV3: the most exciting new product at CES?


legev3The new robotics kit from Denmark, available in 6 months, is a large step forward in onboard processing power, flexibility and expansion potential. While the first iterations where based on small microcontroller-class CPU they attracted a large fan base. EV3 contains a significant amount of memory (16MB flash, 64MB storage) for a consumer robot and offers many other features:

  • ARM9 CPU core, Linux OS
  • 4 bricks clusters possible
  • SD card slot
  • new version of Lego’s object programming software and its intuitive GUI, now with zooming controls for a better overview of all the loops, parallel processes
  • onboard programming using the blocks of the desktop version
  • USB connector
  • iOS and Android remote control apps
  • many new robots models, funnier and more engaging ones too
  • a 3D software to visualise building instructions
  • 3 motors, new sensors

All that in a single kit at $349 or 349 EUR. Can’t be soon enough!
An updated version of the NXT education kit will appear simultaneously.


Lego press release
Lego education